Boston Winery offers a transparent look in to the art of wine making. We encourage everyone, from the novice to sommeliers to experience the old fashioned art of wine making. Boston Winery offers several different membership opportunities in which you can participate in the wine making process! No experience needed just love for a hand-crafted product.

Grapes Varieties


  • Montepulliano
  • Petit Syray
  • Syray
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Pinot Noir
  • Nero D’avola


  • Merlot
  • Carmenene
  • Maibec
  • Carbernet


  • Moscato
  • Bracuetto


  • Pinotage


Domestic and international grapes arrive at Boston Winery and are sorted, removing any sticks, leaves, and debris.

Green grapes including the stems go directly into the press.


Our red grape goes through a destemming and crushing process. The must or the crushed grapes then begins its primary fermentation process. Primary Fermentation is the process in which the freshly squeezed grape juice is transformed in to alcohol. It is also very influential on how the wine tastes!


All of our wines are pressed using our soft presses, these ensure the pressing of any offensive acids or tannins from the grape skins and seeds are not extracted. Our white grape gets pressed immediately and prepped for fermentation our, our reds begin the racking process.


The sediment is sent to local farmers to be used as fertilizer.


Our wines age in four different vestibules. We use stainless steal with most of our whites and roses, because it does not influence the wines at all. Our wine maker has the pleasure of aging our reds on three different oaks. The time aged and the avenue in which the wines are aged are determined by the wine making staff.


There are three different types of oak barrels: American, French, and Hungarian. The different types of oak add various flavors to the wine.


Post pressing and throughout the aging process we will periodically remove the “clean” wine from the top of the barrel or stainless steal tank, and pump the “clean” wine in to another vestibule, leaving the sediment that settled to the bottom in the old one to be discarded.


Post aging and pre-bottling the wines are ready to filter. Filtering removes any of the lees (yeast and sediment), polishes and clarifies the wines!


We use a gravity fed bottling line to ensure the wine is not introduced to any unnecessary air. We bottle using glass and all natural corks, our wines will then sit for three months using this time to round off in the bottle.

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